The Ritchey Wine Saloon at the Hotel Ritchey - THANK YOU

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Hotel Ritchey photo group
Hotel Ritchey photo group

102 East Murphy St.
Alpine, Texas 79830
(432) 244-7560

Our endless thanks to the DREAM CREW for their labor and skill:

Brisas Villanueva
Joel Villanueva
Troy Sheldon
Will Baker
Chris McWilliams
Brian Huelsberg
Richard Covarrubias
Pete Smyke
Joey Gonzalez
Maryls Hersey
Nate Harris
Troy (Butter)
Todd Elrod
Trevor Warren

To the following monetary contributors a special thank you:

Liz Rogers
Betty Gaddis Yndo
Samuel O Ewing
Gwynne Jamieson
Robert Phillips
Rusty Shepard
laura lea nalle
Amelie Urbanczyk
Karen Sutterfield
Deirdre J Hanlon-Jones
Marlys Hersey
David Keller
Kellie Straw
Jessie Temple
Linda Mattson
Jimi Ballard
Troy F. Nichols
Liz Sibley
Max Louie
John Elsbury
Janet Stewart
Jim Glendinning
Cheryl Eakens
Cody Leeser
Vicki Gibson
Anna Badkhen
Steve Elfring
Carey Kelley
Martha Latta
Bonnie Bain
Mari Love
and a few anonymous

And you can't put on a crowd funding campaign without the help of a whole lot of people. I would like to specially acknowledge and thank all of the folks who volunteered their time, knowledge and creativity. The following list is but a few in no particular order:

Megan Wilde
Tim Wilde
Marlys, John, Marybeth and the Hoopers
David Keller
Amy, Lauren and Elliot
Ballet Folklorico
Heidi and Pumkin
Elena Hernandez Peña
Amy and Nathan Struthers
Kellie Straw
Anna Badkhen
Nancy Davila
The Swifts
and Mom

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